I Blog, You Blog, He/She/It Blogs


For my grandfather, James Louis Austin, Sr.: April 9, 1921 — December 31, 2013

"Blogs are the new Usenet!"

For many years, this cartoon epitomized my view of most blogs. My goal is to ensure that this one avoids the fate of becoming a caricature of such sites.


Hello there. Name’s Nathan. Nice to meet you. I’m a lifetime tech enthusiast and wannabe/amateur engineer. “Wannabe” because even though I’m employed within the computing industry, I have received no formal training, and the more times I’ve been around the block, the more I’ve come to understand just how pitifully little I actually know. This can be discouraging, but mostly it just makes me thirsty for more opportunities to acquire experience and to further my understanding and my craft.

Whenever my knowledge has come up short and been found wanting, I’ve relied heavily on the broader tech community on the Internet to bail me out. And I feel that it’s high-time that I started giving back. This site is my way of saying “thank you” to anyone out there who has taken the time to document the solutions to the technical problems they have run up against. I have directly benefited from the efforts of countless such people. I aim to publish my own discoveries and solutions here to some of my own technical puzzles, and my hope is that other people who have encountered some of the same problems that I have will find at least part of the answer here.


As you may (or, more likely, may not) have noticed, this site lacks a commenting feature. That’s not because I am actively trying to discourage dialogue and feedback from others about what I write. Far from it. If you have some thoughts about something I’ve posted here, please post it somewhere and contact me so that I can link to it!


Speaking of benefiting from the work of others, credit where it’s due: this site is powered by Second Crack (with some select patches from Continental folded in), and the theme was modified from and heavily influenced by Marco’s. Graphics were made in Microsoft Image Composer, for which I make no apologies.